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5 Tips to Survive Binge Eating This Diwali Category: Recover

While everyone is still trying to recover from the festivities of Navratri, Diwali – the festival of lights, is already upon us. It is that time of the year when everyone comes together to celebrate, exchange sweets, and partake in sumptuous foods and late night revelry.
With so many delectable snacks and sweets circulating, controlling the urge to indulge becomes really difficult. Moreover, there will always be people who are always coaxing one to have another helping. As a result, most of us end up binging on unhealthy, fatty, deep-fried and sugary foods which takes a toll on our health.

This Diwali, let us be a little smart about our food habits. Let’s indulge in healthy eating and keep at bay the health problems that show up after the festivities. Here are 5 tips to survive binge eating this Diwali.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated: Typically, a lot of chores need to be completed and without keeping yourself properly hydrated, you will not be able to get through the day. In addition, drinking water helps in detoxifying the body after all the binge-eating.
  2. Have small and light meals throughout the day: Another way to eat less of those unhealthy foods is by eating light and healthy meals throughout the day. Nuts, berries, honey and yoghurt make for healthy and nutritious snacks or even small meals.
  3. Avoid alcoholic or aerated drinks: This one is obvious – alcoholic, aerated drinks and canned juices contain a lot of sugar. Consuming them aplenty in the festive season can result in significant weight gain. Try herbal teas and infusions
  4. Add healthy foods to your menu: If you are planning a party, make sure that you serve healthy foods. For instance, you can make a dessert with jaggery, honey and skimmed milk, instead of adding sugar and full cream milk.
  5. Eat organic products: Non-organic products typically contain toxins, pesticides, and artificial preservatives, all of which have a debilitating impact on the body. Organic products do not contain any such chemicals and thus, help you live a better quality of life.

Eat healthy and encourage your friends and family to do so as well. The good karma will serve you well in the years to come.

Happy Diwali!

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