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You must be doing every possible to thing to protect your family from cold and flu during winters. You must as well be washing your hands and using sanitizers to keep diseases at bay, but still you and even other members of your family fall sick frequently. You must be thinking why is this happening despite taking so much precaution? The answer to it is simple. Your immune system has become weak. Definitely, the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and of course the kind of lifestyle lead by us today are all responsible for weakening of the immune system.

Besides keeping washing your hands and keeping your surroundings clean, it is also equally important to boost your immunity. Immunity is about being strong from inside. It is not merely about fighting the viruses and bacteria; rather, it is about living healthy and having the power to combat all the damages caused to the body due to lifestyle and environmental factors. In short, your immunity is responsible for your overall health. Therefore, having a strong immune system will help you keep at bay a lot of diseases and help you leave a healthier and happier life.

Now you must be thinking how to boost your immunity? It is extremely easy. All you will need to do is include these 7 healthy foods listed below in your daily diet and boost your as well as your family’s immune system, ensuring a healthier life.



Turmeric: A popular spices used particularly in Indian cuisine, turmeric is endowed with curative properties. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, this magical herb is a powerful anti-inflammatory, which helps in treating a plethora of ailments such as flatulence, jaundice, menstrual problems and urinary infections. In addition, turmeric helps in reducing congestion and inflammation from stagnant mucous membranes, and highly beneficial for keeping your liver healthy. Therefore, adding turmeric to your daily diet can help in boosting your immunity.



Garlic: Adding garlic to your diet will help you fight against bacterial, fungal and viral infections. It is a potent immunity booster as it contains a compound, named allicin, which stimulates the activity of the white blood cells to kill the viruses that causes cold and flu.



Green tea: Prepared by steaming, pan-frying and drying the tea leaves, green tea is a great immunity booster. The polyphenols antioxidant present in it helps in detoxification of the body. A cup of green tea every morning will help you in strengthening your immune system.



Coconut oil: Start using coconut oil for cooking if you want to strengthen your immunity. The presence of lauric acid and caprylic acid, which are anti-viral properties, helps in fighting away bacterial infections and yeast overgrowth, making it a potent immunity booster.



Honey: A natural sweetener, honey is the best known natural antibiotic to mankind. Honey is a great immunity booster as it helps in fighting away bacteria, fungus, mould, etc that enters your body. It is also a serves as an antioxidant due to the presence of naturally occurring flavonoids and other polyphenols. A spoon of honey every morning will help you live a healthier life.



Black pepper: A common spices, black pepper possesses antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Rich in vitamins, minerals, iron and dietary fibres, black pepper offers a range of health benefits. It helps in digestion, weight management, and treating tooth problems. Black pepper is also a natural antidepressant. Add it to your diet and enjoy a healthier life.



Tulsi: Also known as basil, Tulsi has antioxidant, antidepressant, and antispasmodic properties. It is one of the most popular and commonly used herbs. Available in more than 60 varieties, this herb is helpful in treating various health conditions such as cold, cough, upper respiratory tract infections, headache, and flatulence. In both traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, it is regarded as a great immunity booster.

Add these 7 Healthy Foods to your daily diet and boost your immunity.

Eat healthy, live healthy!

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