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Honey, one of the best gifts of nature to mankind! Filled with antioxidant, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, honey gives us energy and the power to heal various ailments. It is a great natural sweetener and offers myriad of health benefits. It can as well be used as a topical application for your skin. Honey is said to be healthy as compared to white sugar because honey contains natural sugar, which does not adversely affect your body.
We can reap the benefits of this natural sweetener by adding a dash to our daily diet. Let’s make consumption of honey interesting. Here are some of the amazing ways to infuse honey in your daily diet and stay fit and healthy always.

Add honey with lemon and warm water: Want to lose a few pounds? The best way to cut down those extra inches is by having a glass of warm water by adding a few drops of lemon juice and a dash of honey every morning. This will not only help you burn the extra fat but also keep acidity at bay for the rest of the day and improve your digestion

Add a teaspoon of honey to your lime juice: If you are conscious about your health, stop adding sugar to your glass of lime juice. Instead add a teaspoon of this natural sweetener and keep your body weight in control.

Make the milk tastier for your kids: Milk is something that most kids hate to have. Now, make the milk tastier by adding honey to it instead of sugar and see how your kids finish it off fast.

Add honey to your cup of green tea: If you like your Green tea sweet, add honey instead of the regular sugar. Both honey and green tea combined together can prove to be beneficial for your health.

A little honey can make your salad tastier: If you are on a healthy diet and having salad for your lunch, make it healthier as well as tastier by adding a little honey to it.
Apart from these, you can consume infused honey to reap the plethora of health benefits it offers. Some of the popular infused honeys are enumerated below:

Lemon-Honey: Both lemon and honey go well together. When you are down with cold, this infused honey can help you in healing.

Cinnamon-Honey: The combination of a flavourful spices and natural sweetener can be great. When cinnamon and honey are infused together, it not only makes the honey taste good but also offers multitude of health benefits.

Ginger-Honey: Definitely, the taste of ginger and honey is awesome, but when both are infused together, it becomes healthier. This infusion can be used in cold, upset tummy, sore stomach, etc.

Clove-Honey: Made by blending clove buds and honey, this infusion is best to add in a cup of tea and have it when you are suffering from sore throat or a toothache. It can as well be applied directly on the gum.

Apple Cider Vinegar Honey: Without any doubt, you cannot put this infusion on your sandwich or give it to your kids; you can add it to your cup of green tea or to your glass of lemon juice in the morning. It helps in easing upset stomach and sore throat.

Note: Honey, without any doubt is a superfood, offering multitude of benefits; however, if you are diabetic, you should avoid honey as it contains natural sugar, named fructose, which breaks down very slowly, making the sugar level rise.

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