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Toxins enter our body, from all around us.

Our body uses detox defense system to get rid of the unnecessary elements. The organs that help in the process are – liver, bowels, lungs, kidneys, lymphatic system and skin.


Liver plays a major role in the process of detoxification of the body. It continuously eliminates the toxic elements taken through food, drinks (even alcohol) and drugs. To achieve this liver undertakes two phases of detoxification process.

In first phase, the toxins are broken into water-soluble elements with the help of Cytochrome P-450 enzyme. While some toxins are broken down easily, others react to form a bond. Therefore, phase two is often required.

The second phase is completely dependent on methylation process. This process helps in the activation of enzymes and genes, which further help in the breaking down of toxins into polar molecules. And, thus, the molecules easily expel from cells (cellular detoxification); this includes bilirubin. It’s the yellow product formed from the ageing red blood cells. This is excreted in bile and hence the yellowish colour of stools.

For liver’s effective functioning in the detoxification process, we should increase the intake of green and leafy vegetables and fibrous fruits.

Herbs Recommended for Liver Detox –

Cardamom Seeds (liver cleanser), Milk Thistle (protects liver from toxins), Dandelion Root (stimulates bile production and liver’s functioning), Turmeric (liver protector) and Burdrock root (purifies blood).


Sluggish bowel is bound to create toxicity and thereby impede health. The primary substance that leads to build up of toxicity are estrogen by-products since estrogen is metabolized in the liver and then excreted into the digestive system through bile. Helpful bacteria in the large bowel work towards further breakdown of estrogen. Healthy liver function, adequate bile secretion, optimal healthy bacterial balance and normal frequency of bowel movements are four essential processes for ridding the body of excess estrogen. Cleansing the digestive system helps clear the complexion and improve energy levels as individual gains a sense of overall well-being.

Improving intestinal wall competency will also aid absorption of nutrients and water, while preventing absorption of unhealthy bacteria and incompletely digested food or toxins.

Herbs Recommended for Bowel Detox — Probiotic (optimal bowel health), Ground Flaxseeds or a non-psyllium fibre source such as magnesium glycinate (better bowel tolerance), Triphala (supporting intestinal detoxification, occasional constipation and overall colon health), Fennel Seeds (reduces, indigestion, colic and nausea), Cinnamon bark (combats morning sickness and diarrhea),


Lung, as we know, plays a vital role in the respiratory system. When air enters during breathing, the lung acts as a filter and, therefore, helps in getting rid of the toxins through exhalation. The lungs help in cleansing body by increasing oxygen supply in our body. Lungs play a vital role in detoxification of our body by filtering out fumes, allergens, mold, and airborne toxins on a constant and continual basis throughout the day.

Daily practice of deep breathing exercises assist in lungs’ effective functioning and augment the detoxification process.

Herbs Recommended for Lungs’ Detox –

Oregano (decongestant and histamine reducer), Thyme (fights chest congestion), Osha Root (popular as one of the best lung-support herbs), Eucalyptus (fights congestion, boosts immune system) and Peppermint (antioxidant). Ingredients such as rosemary, honeysuckle and N-Acetyl L-Cysteine help to dilute, detoxify and drain the lungs of toxins.


Kidneys are constantly at work that helps in cleansing of the body toxins. Kidneys filter the blood in our body and get rid of the waste and toxins through urine.

We should drink plenty of water to help kidneys in the smooth cleansing of the toxins from our body.

Herbs Recommended for Kidney Detox –

Hydrangea Root (acts as solvent), Horsetail (antioxidant for Kidneys), Goldenrod, dandelion leaf and parsley (boost the activity of urinary bladder), Celery stalks, marshmallow root and cucumbers (diuretic), Bearberry (astringent to soothe and tone the urinary tract).


Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system acts as body’s drainage system, filtering and removing waste products from body. It is such a vital system that without it the cardiovascular and immune systems would begin to shut down. In a state when the fluid in lymphatic system is thick and sluggish due to build up of toxins, the muscles don’t get all the blood they need, organs begin to feel painful and tight. This ultimately leads to lowered energy levels. Naturopaths always underscore the importance of cleansing the lymphatic system. It would be fair to say that almost every part of body feels the ‘pain’ of having a clogged lymphatic system, as literally every cell in body relies on a well-functioning lymphatic system in order to stay healthy.

Herbs Recommended for Lymphatic Detox –

Manjistha (cleanses lymphatic system), Turmeric (helps to restore mucus membrane of gut), Beets and Fenugreek (thin the bile), Shilajit (helps in cell rejuvenation), Neem (purifies blood).



Our skin is the body’s largest organ, and it is constantly in contact with the immediate environment that surrounds us. Various pollutants suspended in the air and dirt from the environment can clog your pores plus toxins from your diet can cause your complexion to suffer. Through sweating body flushes out toxins regularly. Skin is a vital source of toxin elimination, and like the lungs, it can both absorb toxins and release them. Exercise is again a great and easily accessible way to burn calories and excrete toxins.


Herbs Recommended for Skin Detox –

Epsom Salt & Ginger Bath (helps in general detoxification), Epsom Salt and Apple cider vinegar bath (general detoxification), Chelators (detoxify pollutant build up in your skin)

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