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Have you ever wondered why our ancestors came up with the tradition of fasting during Navratri? Apart from the obvious religious connotation, there are several scientific reasons as well.

Firstly, this festival is celebrated twice a year and during the time when the seasons change. And, during this period the body becomes weak and susceptible to various diseases. Therefore abstaining from alcohol, meat and such foods will help in building immunity. Secondly, fasting for nine days helps in detoxifying the body. Last but not the least, fasting also helps lose weight in a healthy manner if done right (it’s definitely better than dieting).

However, during Navratri, many people eat fried potato chips, tikkis and various other unhealthy types of food. Of course, it is more harmful than healthy for the body. Enough to make our dear ancestors turn in their graves!

This Navratri, ditch those deep-fried, high-on-sugar, fatty foods. Instead go for these 5 types of foods that will help you lose weight, detoxify, and build your immunity.

  1. Nuts: Nuts such as almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, and hazel nuts help in lowering cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugar and detoxifying the body. Shop Now
  2. Berries: Most berries are sour and hence, they aren’t taken while fasting. However, Blueberries and Goji berries are sweet and usually allowed. These berries are rich in anti-oxidants and help in detoxifying the body. Also, berries are energy boosters that will keep you going when you skip regular meals. Shop Now
  3. Teas: Green tea, tulsi tea, hibiscus teas and different fruit based teas contain anti-oxidants. Consuming a few cups everyday will help in detoxifying the body and losing weight. Shop Now
  4. Honey: The golden nectar that offers numerous health benefits also provides the energy to complete daily chores. A spoon of honey in the morning before starting the fast and a spoon in the evening when the fast is over gives one enough energy to go through the day. In addition, honey combined with warm water is known to be an effective way to lose weight. Shop Now
  5. Yoghurt: Yoghurt can do wonders for one’s health, from smoothing the skin to weight management and fending away cold. Loaded with good-bacteria, it also helps with digestion and bowel movements, along with building immunity.

There you go! The 5 must-have foods for a healthier and smarter Navratri. Don’t fast just because you have been doing it for as long as you can remember. Use this opportunity to get healthier, and look better.

Happy Navratri!

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