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5 Safe Herbs That Can Give Your Body The Most Effective Detox Category: Replenish

“Nurturing yourself is not selfish – it’s essential to your survival and your well-being”, says Renee Peterson Trudeau, an internationally-renowned life-coach, speaker and author of the award winning book The Mother’s Guide To Self Renewal.
That’s quite profound and apt, and indeed we should do our best to preserve this marvellous body we are blessed with. But our lifestyle today is such that most of us tend to disregard our nutrition and well-being requirements. Detoxification is one way to jumpstart a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. It basically refers to the process of elimination of the toxins from our body and helps to improve the overall mental and physical health. When you clean out your system, you’ll feel better!

Detox diets and programs are a rage right now. Most of these diets are extreme and are primarily directed on restraining our consumption of every other food apart from fruits and vegetables. But herbal detox diet is far more sensible and secure as it never deprives the body from the nutrition it requires.It does not impose any major nutritional and calorie restrictions. The main focus of herbal detox diet is to help our vital organs of the body to get rid of harmful toxic substances. Since most herbs are naturally grown organic compounds they can be easily absorbed and digested by the human body.

Here is a list of some herbs which can do wonders in cleansing your system:

  1. Dandelion – A well-known detoxifying herb which helps eliminate toxins from the kidneys, throat and liver. Its roots have major antiviral effects and can remove toxins that cause urinary tract infection in women.
  1. Organic Milk Thistle – It is an antitoxin and anti-inflammatory herb which has been used for over 2,000 years to cure liver ailments, and it even protects the liver from daily toxins.
  1. Triphala – It is an ancient herbal formulation which is a blend of detox herbs like amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki which sustain all the systems of the body.
  1. Cilantro – It binds heavy metals such as mercury, lead and ammonium, and makes it easier to transport these toxins out of the body.
  1. Alfalfa Leaf – It has been used for centuries to fight infections and ulcers in the body. It cleanses blood and rids the liver of toxins. It is also known to stimulate a healthy appetite.

Though herbs are very effective in detoxifying and have many health benefits, experts recommend a consultation with your physician before their usage to make sure they don’t interfere with your traditional medicines. Dreaming of a healthy body, free of toxins, and one that’s been spring-cleaned inside-out? Go ahead and do it au naturale!

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