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Toxic body sends SOS, better learn to listen-in


Human body is perhaps the most sophisticated and complex creation in the Universe. This machinery is well equipped to handle minor deviations from a normal healthy state resulting from intrinsic and extrinsic factors. However, when body’s internal cleansing mechanisms are overloaded with toxins and we can’t get rid of them using regular biological processes OR when a key cleansing organ in body is not working to its full potential, our body starts to send signals of increasing toxicity that will ultimately result in deep internal damage. Initially these signals might be small but can eventually lead to chronic, and even life threatening, diseases and conditions. Conditions that signal high level of toxins include:



  1. Lack of energy and unexplained fatigue: Not being able to get through the day even after proper night’s rest or feeling drained all the time even in absence of any noticeable potential trigger can be a sign of high level of toxins in the body. Usually we ascribe weather, diet and other factors for this phenomenon. While these factors are certainly important and contributory to a fair degree; we need to accept that when everything is ‘right’ and still there is a perennial lack of energy it is related to accumulation of toxins in the body. Our Liver is the organ responsible for ‘spring of energy’. When Liver is overloaded with toxins it can not function optimally resulting in fatigue.


  1. Body aches, pains, and headaches: Muscles aches and pains not explained by a workout/physical activity are tell tale sign of toxins playing havoc with the body.Higher blood acid levels resulting from toxicity leads to muscle contractions and spasms. This causes a limited range of movement and pressure on the nerves. Besides it also prevents fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients entering the tissue and the efficient removal of carbon dioxide and other toxic substance from it. All of this causes pain that manifests in body aches and headaches.


  1. Weight that’s near impossible to shed: Inability to lose weight despite watching calories and burning aplenty can be sign of deeper troubles in the body. Toxins impact body’s ability to balance blood sugar and metabolize cholesterol. Over time, the changes can lead to insulin resistance resulting in weight gain.


  1. Upset stomach/constipation & bloating: Intestines play a key role in cleansing the body and constipation can cause even higher build up of toxins. Constipation and bloating usually indicate higher than acceptable toxins in the body.



  1. Skin problems: Acne, rashes, and other seemingly common skin problems indicate high level of toxins. When body’s primary elimination channel i.e. GI tract is overloaded the secondary channels such as Skin get activated. Skin problems are nothing but elimination of these toxins through skin pores as body has reached a high level of toxicity already. To make it worse when the skin pores get clogged it may also trigger allergic reactions such as eczema.


  1. Compromised immunity: Increased propensity to get hit by seemingly routine cold and infections might indicate weaker immunity levels, which in turn could be resulting from hormonal and other imbalanced caused by toxins. Many toxins produced by petrochemicals are xenoestrogen’s, meaning that they mimic estrogen in the body and contribute to hormone imbalance with subsequent immune suppression. External toxins add to the “total body load”. The liver is the body’s main organ of detoxification. A fully functional liver supports immune system function. Therefore, a loaded liver ultimately leads to lowered immunity.



  1. Signs of premature ageing: Free radicals and oxidative stress caused by toxins is one of the key reasons for premature ageing. A certain class of environmental toxins called ‘gerontogens’ present in UV rays and cigarette smoke accelerate the ageing process. Another reason for aging is the biological process ‘senescence’, this takes place when healthy cells are damaged and cannot split. When the count of such damaged cells increase in the body, they ingest available resources as well as release harmful hormones that have inflammatory properties. Few damaged cells in the body are not a serious concern but as they proportionately increase overtime they contribute to aging as they get collected in the body.


About the Author

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Dr. Abhishek Jain is the Advisor and Chief Panelist of the GoNutrio web portal. Dr. Jain has 15 years of rich and diverse experience in Integrative Healthcare & Luxury Hospitality and techno-commercial qualifications at international level. He started his career as a Researcher and teacher at National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune (Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India) followed by Technical Consultant in multi-speciality Hospitals, Corporate Houses and Army Sports Institute. Since past 8 years particular interest has been to explore and involve himself, as Health Management Professional, in implementing continuous improvement processes to the operational systems by development of operational policies, workflows and policies to support organization’s mission. He has achieved these at world’s leading Destination Spa – The BodyHoliday@LeSPORT, St. Lucia and, famous multi award winning ESPA at The Leela Palace Udaipur, India.
Presently, he is working as VP, SE Asia, India, and the Middle East for world’s leading consulting & management firm in Spa & Wellness space – WTS International, Inc., USA and is responsible for Operations and Business Development.

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