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How many types of honey do you know? Or how many of them have you tasted? There are over 300 different types of honey collected by the honeybees worldwide. Honey is the nectar collected by honeybees from different flowers, thus the taste of honey depends to a great extent on the source and are categorized based on the flower source. However, the honey from the same flower might not taste the same as the taste and flavour also depends on other factors such as rainfall and temperature. There are various categorises under which honey is categorized.
Let’s have a look at the various types of honey and their categorization

The type of honey is also categorized on the basis of how it is extracted and processed. These include:

Comb Honey: This type of honey is that which is directly taken from the hive of the bees, the beewax comb filled with honey, which is stored naturally by the honey bees.
Granulated Honey: The powered form of honey, granulated honey is made by freezing and drying the honey to extract the water from it.
Liquid Honey: The honey that is made by removing the wax capping and spinning the comb in a honey extractor is the liquid honey that we usually have.
Creamed honey: This honey is a combination of both liquid and granulated honey. One part of granulated honey is mixed with nine parts of liquid honey and is stored at 57 degrees to make it firm.

Flavours of honey

The most common categorization of honey is done on the basis of its sweetness and the flavour, which it gets from the flower source. Here are some of the most common types of honey categorized on the basis of the flower from which it is extracted.

Alfalfa Honey: One of the most commonly used honeys is the Alfalfa honey. The honey from this flower is either light-amber or white in colour and is best for everyday use.

Blueberry Honey: This is not the honey with blueberries add to it. It is the honey that is derived from the nectar of blueberry flowers. It is either amber or light-amber in colour and is used for baking and making sauces

Clover Honey: The most common variety of honey is the Clover honey. Also known as Table Honey, it is either light-amber or white-water in colour. It is further subdivided depending on the type of clover from which it is derived.

Eucalyptus Honey: Derived from the flowers of Eucalyptus plant, this honey is as diverse as the spices derived from this plant. It comes in different colours and flavours, and is used mainly for baking, making sauces and dressing.

Orange Blossom Honey: This honey is a combination of nectar extracted from flowers of citrus plants. It is light in colour and mild taste with aromatic citrus flavour. It is used in baking cookies and cakes.

Sage: This honey is derived from the sage flowers and is available in different variety depending up on the type of sage flower. It is either water-white or white in colour with a very sweet taste.

Himalayan flora honey: This honey is rich, creamy and helps to sweeten dishes. It also has a delicate and floral flavour.

Wild forest honey: This has a strong flavour, and is also the most beneficial. It is not as sweet as commercial honey, but the amber coloured sweetener is definitely one of the healthiest.

Wild vs. Processed vs. Raw

Another category under which the types of honey are segregated is wild, processed and raw.
Wild Honey: Wild honey refers to the honey that is procured from the hive of wild bees.
Processed Honey: Processed honey, also known as pasteurized honey is the honey that has been processed after extraction to kill any microorganism with heat.
Raw honey: Raw honey is the unprocessed honey that is derived from the hives, which is the beewax comb, filled with sweet and concentrated nectar from flowers. It is unheated and unpasteurized, and is considered to be more beneficial as it contains all the essential nutrients.

These are the major categorizes under which the various types of honey are categorized. Many of you might confuse Infused Honey as a type of honey, but it is not a type of honey rather, to enhance the benefits of honey, it is infused with various herbs. Some of the popular infused honeys are Lemon-Honey, Cinnamon-Honey, Clove-Honey, Ginger-Honey, and Apple Cider Vinegar Honey, to name a few.

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