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10 Natural and Healthy Tips for Weight Loss [INFOGRAPHIC] Category: Recover


      Downside of being overweight or obese

  • Increases the risk of high blood pressure
  • Higher risk of osteoarthritis
  • Increases the risk of heart diseases
  • Higher chances of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Higher risk of other ailments

      Benefits of weight loss

  • Improved sleep
  • Better hormonal balance
  • Lesser risk of heart diseases
  • Better and improved memory
  • Enhanced immunity

      Natural and Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

  1. Increase the intake of water
  2. Add Protein to Your Diet
  3. Limit your Intake of Added Sugar
  4. Indulge in healthy snacking
  5. Avoid intake of processed food
  6. Eat more fruits and green leafy vegetables
  7. Add probiotics like yogurt to your daily diet
  8. Add fibre-rich food to your diet
  9. Exercise regularly for at least 30 mins
  10. Avoid intake of aerated drinks

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