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Ustrasana or Camel Pose

Ustrasana or Camel Pose

Ustrasana or Camel pose helps strengthen your back, boosts the mood, and open the shoulders, quadriceps and chest.

How to do this Asana?

Step 1

Keel on the floor with your knees and feet wide apart. Make sure that your shin bones are parallel and toes point straight back. Place your hands on the hips.

Step 2

Keep your thighs perpendicular to the ground. Now, while breathing in lengthen, extend and lift your trunk up. Tuck in your buttocks and move the spine in between the shoulder blades and tilt your trunk back, forming an arch. Gaze towards the ceiling.

Step 3

Breathe out and while still bending back, touch the heels with your hands. Expand your torso by moving your shoulder blades in. Stay in this position for 8 to 10 breaths. Slowly straighten your head and your torso and bring your hands back to the hips.Ustrasana or Camel Pose

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