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Regarded as the Queen of Spices, cardamom is one of the most expensive spices in the world coming third after saffron and vanilla respectively. In India, apart from being used as a spice, cardamom was one of the main herbs to be used in Ayurvedic medicines. Cardamom is rich in various vitamins and micronutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, and zinc. Cardamom also contains volatile oils that are composed of formic and acetic acids. The volatile oil that comprises about 5 percent of the seed’s mass has exceptional medicinal and aromatic properties and it is this which makes cardamom such a valuable medicinal herb.

Cardamom is believed to be a remedy for tooth and gum infections, inflammation of the eyelids, congestion of the lungs, gastrointestinal disorders and gall bladder stones. Cardamom is also known to possess aphrodisiac properties and is also used as a cure for erectile dysfunction, impotency and premature ejaculation.

Health Benefits

  • Cardamom being carminative in nature relieves flatulence in the process speeding up the digestion process. The volatile oils present in cardamom control various gastrointestinal disorders such as flatulence, acidity and stomach cramps.  Another advantage of this spice is that it soothes the inner lining of the stomach allowing it to function better.
  • In Ayurveda, elaichi is recognized as a warm spice that heats up the body internally thereby helping in the expulsion of phlegm and relieving chest congestion. It also increases the blood circulation in the lungs.
  • Thanks to the presence of nutrients like magnesium, calcium and potassium cardamom keeps blood pressure under control and regularizes the heart rate. Further, the micronutrients present in cardamom check the rise of lipids in the body putting a check on high cholesterol.
  • Cardamom in combination with amla juice and banana leaf acts as a diuretic providing relief from a number of urinary, bladder and kidney like burning or painful urination, nephritis and frequent urges to urinate.
  • Cardamom possesses anti-depressant properties and is therefore used to cure depression. It is for this reason that cardamom essential oil is one of the main oils to be used in aromatherapy.
  • Cardamom is rich in copper, iron and essential vitamins like riboflavin, vitamin C and niacin all of which are necessary for the production of red blood cells and cellular metabolism. Cardamom is thus a great option to fight anemia and its symptoms.





High blood pressure

Urinary tract diseases


Alternate Name

Elettaria cardamomum,Cardamon, Choti ilaichi, Hari ilaichi, Aelakka, Aelakkayu, Habbahan, Habbu al-hal, Green Cardamom, Cardamome, Grüner Kardamom, Cardamomo, Portu­guese


  • What is the difference between green Cardamom and black Cardamom?  
    Green Cardamom is a cooling spice and used as a mouth freshener and also in teas but black Cardamom is a heating spice and has a distinct and separate role in cooking.  
  • What all Vitamins and minerals are found in Cardamom?  
    Cardamom is rich in various vitamins and micronutrients which includes niacin, pyridoxine, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin A, vitamin C, sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, and zinc.  

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