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Shankhpushpi is an Ayurvedic medicinal herb, aims for its action on the central nervous system, especially for boosting memory and improving intellect. It also calms the mind, reduces anxiety, mental stress, and depression. This herb can help to eliminate asthma, &epilepsy, insomnia, urinary disorders, hyperthyroid disease, constipation, and numerous neurodegenerative diseases including dementia and Alzheimer& disease.It helps in treating Insomnia.Shankhapushpi reduces mental fatigue and also prevents ageing.It is laxative herb so helps in constipation and also maintains blood pressure and lowers down cholesterol.It;s an anti depressant, antioxidant and antacid and also helps in Arthritis and skin irritations.

Alternate Name

Convolvulus pluricaulis Choisy,Convolvulus pluricaulis ,Laghuvishnukranta, Nilapushpi, Nilasankhapuspi, Sankhapuspi, Shankhapushpi, Vaishnava, Vishnugandhi, Vishnukranta, Vishnukranti, Visnukranta, Shankapushpi, Shyamakranta, Syamakranta, Visnukranta, Sankhpuspi, Phooli, Shankaveli, Sankhpushpi, Shnkhahuli, En


  • Is Shankhpushpi addictive?  
    No, It is not addictive. It is safe to take it for  long run but addiction of the medicine Not possible.  
  • Is Shankhpushpi and Brahmi are same?  
    No, they are different herbs but are generally taken together.   

Benefitting Actions

Nervine Tonic

Nervine tonics strengthen the nervous system and relive a person of anxiety and stress. In cases of people suffering from nervous debility, the nervine tonic directly act on the tissues and strengthens them. Nervine tonics besides apart from being feeding the nerves and restoring their functionality are also stimulating in nature.

Health Condition


Anxiety is a feeling of fear, nervousness and panic. Anxiety is considered severe when it starts affecting the quality of one?s life. A person who is given to severe anxiety might stay depressed and have difficulty in concentrating on things. The physical manifestations of anxiety are heart palpitations, trembling, dry mouth and feeling faint.

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