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With the world shrinking to a global village, traveling for business or leisure has become a way of life. Whether someone is an international globe-trotter or a national traveler, there are both pros and cons to the lifestyle.

Why are the concerns?

A seemingly harmless business or leisure trip exposes us to multiple health risks - right from the insides of airplanes to the environment of the places we visit.

1. Disrupted body clock: Traveling at irregular hours, especially on long flights, disrupts the circadian rhythm of the body. There is also a constant need for frequent climate and environment acclimatization in different cities across continents.

2. Poor air quality: An airplane’s interiors are infested with allergens and germs. The quality of air does not change by recirculation and filtration in aircrafts. Low humidity increases the probability of getting hit by bugs, especially ones causing cold and allergies.

3. Physical stress on the body: Long hours in the same posture can cause poor blood circulation, which leads to multiple complications like deep vein thrombosis. Other conditions include back pain and physical fatigue. Lack of exercise and sports routines further complicate things.

4. Lack of nutrition: Lack of control and choice over food and timings while traveling deprives the body of essential nutrition. One also tends to gorge on junk food and lose account of calories/unhealthy dietary imbalances.

5. Elevated stress and fatigue levels: While traveling for business, one undergoes high levels of stress and fatigue due to busy agendas and high-value outcomes. This aggravates all other challenges associated with frequent traveling.

What are the concerns?

All of us have different body types and health conditions. Hence, the ability to cope with external factors and internal stress varies from the following:

  •  Allergies and routine infections like common cold and cough.
  •  Weight gain and obesity; occasionally weight loss as well depending on the body type.
  •  Elevated toxin and oxidant levels with a disrupted metabolism.
  •  General nutritional deficiencies, especially of micro-nutrients.
  •  Irregular bowel movement/constipation/diarrhea.
  •  Lowered immunity levels.
  •  Insomnia and/or lack of sleep.
  •  General lack of energy and enthusiasm.

How can we help ourselves?

  • Try to eat healthy by including all the essential nutrients in each meal. Stay hydrated with plenty of fluids.
  • Maintain an exercise routine as part of daily schedule.
  • Support the body in getting rid of toxins and oxidants through exercise and herbal supplements.
  • Consume meal replacements, superfoods and supergreens for uninterrupted energy
  • Herbs/Supplements
  • Natural and healthy way to cope with lifestyle related damage.
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