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With the advent of processed, preserved, and chemical laden food loaded with sugar, sodium and refined ingredients, the health and well-being of people has declined. Grocery store aisles are filled with ready-to- eat and easy to prepare food, thus prompting us to consume them to ease our fast-paced lives. In addition to this easy access, organic fresh food, free of pesticides, which is highly beneficial for our health, is expensive and difficult to locate. All these reasons contribute to why people are consuming wrong kind of diet, thus leading to lifestyle related ailments including high cholesterol levels, heart diseases, and diabetes. Consumption of junk food may even cause mental disorders.

Why are the concerns?

1) Easy access and convenience of fast food is causing lifestyle changes.
2) A huge population across the globe is suffering from obesity and one of the lead causes can be the consumption of junk food.
3) Children are prone to developing lifestyle diseases at an early age.
4) Human body requires fresh food and is not designed to handle processed food, thus promoting diseases.
5) Junk food is addictive and people who binge too much on junk food finds it difficult to control themselves from the temptation of savouring it,

What are the concerns?

Junk food has no nutritional value and consists of refined ingredients, salt, sugar and saturated fat. Consuming these foods on a regular basis can lead to various lifestyle related ailments including:

1) Depression: It has been proved that eating food rich in sugar and fat alters the chemical activity of the brain making it more dependent on such foods. Further, consuming too much fast food negates essential nutrients like amino acid tryptophan from the diet, which can increase feelings of depression.

2) Loss of Appetite Control: An excess of trans fats found in processed foods send mixed signals to the brain, which hinders the appetite control process, thus leading to overeating.

3) Increases impatience: Junk food is loaded with refined carbohydrates which cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate. A low sugar level leads to anxiety, confusion and fatigue. While a high sugar level, causes hyperactivity. This constant fluctuation, leads to impatient behaviour.

4) Obesity: Weight gain is one of the major effects of consuming excess junk food.

5) Heart Disease: Fast foods contain high quantity of fat and salt, known for their contribution to cardiovascular problems, which clogs the arteries. 

6) Diabetes: An increased intake of refined sugar leads to a spike in insulin levels causing Type II Diabetes.

7) Skin Problems: Junk food can be blamed for most of the skin problems, especially acne. Food that is rich in carbohydrates and saturated fat increases the blood sugar levels, which triggers acne.

8) Kidney Disease: The high salt content in junk food makes it difficult for the kidney to flush out the toxins, which adversely affects its functioning, thus increasing the risk of kidney diseases.

9) Dental Problems: When consuming carbohydrates and sugar, bacteria in the mouth produce acids, which destroy the tooth enamel leading to cavities.

10) Risk of Cancer: It has also been proven that junk food can increase the incidence of cancer.

How can we help ourselves?

1) Try to eat healthy, fresh and organic food.

2) Stay hydrated by increasing the intake of water, fresh juice or herbal teas.

3) Exercise on a regular basis and include meditation in your routine.

4) Consume meal replacements, superfoods, super-greens, and Ayurvedic herbal supplements to negate the effects of junk food.


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Depression is a disorder in the mind that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest leading to numerous physical and emotional problems. To be diagnosed as suffering from depression, a person needs to be in that state for at least two weeks. Psychotherapy and medications are some of the ways to treat patients with depression.


Anxiety is a feeling of fear, nervousness and panic. Anxiety is considered severe when it starts affecting the quality of one?s life. A person who is given to severe anxiety might stay depressed and have difficulty in concentrating on things. The physical manifestations of anxiety are heart palpitations, trembling, dry mouth and feeling faint.


Fatigue, also referred to as tiredness or exhaustion describes a physical or a mental state of being tired and weak. When a person experiences physical fatigue they cannot function at their normal levels of physical activity. Mental fatigue on the other hand impacts a person?s concentration abilities.


When there is excess production of acids in the stomach it irritates the lining of the stomach walls causing acidity. Acidity results in symptoms like heartburn, dyspepsia, inflammation and ulcers in the stomach. Acidity is generally caused by improper eating habits, stress, smoking, drinking, and a lack of physical activity.

High Blood Sugar

Hyperglycemia is an abnormally high blood sugar level in the body. High blood sugar is a sign of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The main symptoms of high blood sugar are a frequent need to urinate and increased thirst. Frequent high blood sugar can cause damage to the blood vessels, nerves and organs.

Excess Weight

Weight gain is an increase in body weight. It could mean an increase in muscle mass, fat deposits or excess water being deposited in the body. Following a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help a person manage their weight.

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