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A sedentary lifestyle is one of the unhealthiest lifestyle one can choose to live. Although, in today’s day and age where technology and automation has taken over physical activity, more and more people automatically lead a sedentary lifestyle. There are various diseases associated with this way of life. They are dominated with obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension and mood swings. Although all these negatives effects can be reversed by living an active lifestyle which can have nearly immediate reinforcing effects.

Why are the concerns?

  •  A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of colon and breast cancer.
  • This lifestyle can increase the risk of cognitive disorders and dementia.
  • Sedentary people are more prone to heart attacks.
  •  Stroke or brain attacks are very common with the people having a sedentary lifestyle as compared to those who are active.
  •  Lack of physical activity increases the loss of lean muscle tissue, making activities of daily life much more difficult to perform.
  •  Bone loss is also very common with sedentary people. Bones and muscles, require regular exercises and lots of physical work to maintain their mineral content and strength.
  • Lack of physical activity leads to depression, anxiety and various mood swings.
  • Obesity is a major concern.
  • Sedentary people may suffer from a weak immune system, which lead to various diseases and illnesses such as cold and flu.

What are the concerns?

Cardiovascular HealthA sedentary lifestyle may increase the risk of few cardiovascular diseases especially strokes, heart attack and blood pressure.



Cancer: This lifestyle increases the risk of various types of cancer especially colon and 

breast cancer.

Diabetes (Type 2): This disease is very common in people who sit for more than 2 hours continuously, without any break.

Weight Gain: Sitting for too long with no physical activities may lead to unnecessary weight gain or obesity.

 Mental Health: An inactive lifestyle may also lead to various mental illness especially depression and anxiety.

Back/Neck Pain: There is a much higher risk of lower back pain and neck pain in people who are living sedentary lifestyle than who live an active lifestyle.

How can we help ourselves?

  • Always take the stairs over an elevator if possible as it is the best way to get daily dose of exercise.
  • Follow the famous ‘walk while you talk’ as it actually provides muscle movement while talking on the phone.
  • Instead of e-mailing our colleagues in the same office space, walk over to their desk.
  • When shopping, park away from the store to get a nice walk.
  • Avoid eating fast food, try eating home cooked food as far as possible.
  • Set a timer to get up every hour if having desk job or watching television.
  • Brisk walking for 30 minutes each day can really help.
  • Go the eco-friendly by giving up cars, buses and bikes instead walk or cycle if possible.
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